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Asteroid 1999 KW4 presented by Gianluca Masi, Ceccano FR Italy. Click on the picture to see a GIF animation!!! - Cliccate sull'immagine per vedere un'animazione GIF !!! On 25 May 2001, the asteroid 1999 KW4 was traveling at about 4.8 million km from us. Background 66391 1999 KW4 1999 KW4 is a binary system that was discovered by LINEAR on May 20, 1999. 1999 KW4 was imaged extensively with radar at Goldstone and Arecibo during a close encounter within 0.032 au in May and June of 2001, from which Ostro et al. 2006 estimated 3D models of the primary, referred to as "Alpha," and the secondary. Asteroid 1999 KW4 15 Days Ephemeris. The following table lists the ephemerides of Asteroid 1999 KW4 computed for the past and next 7 days, with a 24 hours interval. Click on each row of the table to locate Asteroid 1999 KW4 in our Online Planetarium at the chosen date. 06/06/2019 · The two components of 1999 KW4, separated by about 2.6 kilometers, were moving at approximately 19.5 kilometers per second as they flew past the Earth, a challenge for observers not only because of their faintness and fast motion, but because atmospheric conditions were unstable at the time and the SPHERE adaptive optics system crashed more. 24/05/2019 · A large asteroid that has its own tiny companion moon is set to whiz past Earth this weekend. The so-called binary asteroid, known as 1999 KW4, will make its closest approach at 7:05 p.m. ET on May 25, when it will be roughly 3.2 million miles from Earth—a safe distance but relatively paltry in space terms, NBC News reported.

1999 KW4 was discovered by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research LINEAR astronomical survey in Socorro, New Mexico, in 1999. It has been classified as a Near-Earth object and a potentially hazardous object by the Minor Planet Center. However, the orbit of this huge space rock is well understood and known to pose no risk to Earth. High-resolution radar images reveal near-Earth asteroid 66391 1999 KW4 to be a binary system. The ~1.5-km diameter primary Alpha is an unconsolidated gravitational aggregate with spin period ~2.8 h, bulk density ~2 g/cm^3, porosity ~ 50%, and an oblate shape dominated by an equatorial ridge at the object's potential energy minimum.

La luna, chiamata S/2001 66391 1 o anche 1999 KW4 Beta è circa 360 m di diametro, e compie la sua orbita attorno a 1999 KW4 Alpha in 0,758 giorni circa 18 ore ad una distanza di 2,6 km. La presenza di un compagno fu suggerita da osservazioni fotometriche compiute tra il 19 e il 27 giugno 2000 da Petr Pravec e Lenka Šarounov. impact factor 1992-2001. a: b: c: de: fh: i: j: kn: oq: rz.

23/12/2019 · 1999 KW4 è largo circa 1,3 km, e non pone alcun rischio per il nostro pianeta. La sua orbita è ben nota e gli scienziati sono stati dunque in grado di prevederne la traiettoria e preparare la campagna di osservazione. L'ESO ha aderito alla campagna con. 1999 kw 4 は、この軌道をほぼ半年で公転している 。そして、軌道傾斜角は1.92度とほとんど傾いていない 。このため、1999 kw 4 は地球近傍天体であり、直径も大きいため潜在的に危険な小惑星phaでも.

10/06/2019 · Un asteroide accompagnato dalla sua piccola luna sarà visibile dall’Italia con piccoli telescopi fino a oggi 10 giugno. Si chiama 1999 KW4 e ha un diametro stimato 1,3 chilometri, mentre il suo satellite naturale misura circa 500 metri. La coppia si è avvicinata alla distanza di sicurezza di circa 4,5 milioni di chilometri e ora. What is 1999 KW4 moon & asteroid system? We need you to answer this question!. There is no "impact asteroid". An asteroid impact however is when an asteroid hits a planet or moon. Asked in Asteroids, The Solar System The biggest asteroid in your solar system is? 23/05/2019 · An asteroid nearly a mile wide with a moon of its own is expected to pass by Earth this weekend, traveling at 48,000 mph. The space rock, known as asteroid 1999 KW4, was discovered 20 years ago and is so large that it is orbited by a moon. On Saturday evening, 1999 KW4 will make its closest approach. Asteroid 1999 KW4 was first discovered by astronomers in 1999. When it got closer, in 2001, astronomers realized it wasn’t a single asteroid, but two clusters of rubble orbiting each other. It’s been classified as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid, but astronomers have calculated a safe trajectory out for at least 1,000 years. Since it’s a.

Introduction. Welcome to the website for the 66391 1999 KW4 Observing Campaign. Our intention is to provide a central clearinghouse for basic information about the near Earth asteroid 66391 1999 KW4 and about the observations that will be obtained during its upcoming apparition. 1999 KW4, asteroide binario nell’occhio di Sphere. Servizio di Marco Malaspina del 04.06.2019. 66391 1999 KW 4, provisional designation 1999 KW 4, is a binary asteroid, classified as a near-Earth object and potentially hazardous asteroid of the Aten group, approximately 1.3 kilometers in diameter. Orbit of NEA 66391 1999 KW4. Orbital elements listed here are taken from the JPL Horizons website, and represent the current best solution. The orbit will only be perturbed slightly during the close approach to the Earth, but we still provide the Keplerian elements for both the pre- and post-Earth encounter.

In this conversation. Verified account. 25/05/2019 · May 24 UPI --Asteroid 1999 KW4, measuring more than a mile in diameter and boasting its own moon, will fly by Earth on Saturday. Thankfully, the massive space rock will make its pass at a safe distance. "The asteroid will approach from the south, and the first day of visibility also coincides with. They were selected for a dual mission, as one phase will be accomplished by NASA with the impact of the DART space probe on Didymoon to try to alter its orbit and one by ESA with the Hera space probe that will survey the two asteroids. For a few days the asteroid 1999 KW4 will still be visible also with amateur telescopes.

Abstract We model the flight of impact ejecta in an asteroid binary system, determining the final disposition of the excavated mass, either redeposited or lost to space. 23/05/2019 · A big asteroid and its tiny companion moon will zoom harmlessly past Earth this weekend. The so-called binary asteroid, dubbed 1999 KW4, will make its closest approach at 7:05 p.m. ET on Saturday, when the paired objects will be about 3 million miles from Earth and moving at a speed of about 50,000 miles per hour.

03/06/2019 · The asteroid, classified as 1999 KW4, is made up of two components — a larger body orbited by a smaller one separated by about 1.6 miles. It got as close as 3.2 million miles to Earth on May 25 — about 14 times the distance from Earth to the Moon, the European Southern Observatory ESO said in a news release Monday.

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